#Bio organic cotton

Our LynxWear is made from premium ring-spun organic cotton, which is convincing with its super-soft quality, high comfort and sportive styles.

Despite its relatively high weight of 140g/m2 (about 4oz/yd2), it is floaty and loosely and very comfortable to wear. Even during exercise it feels very pleasant on your skin.

Wite us a mail stating the quantity, type(s) of shirt/design and size(s) you want, and how you prefer to get it. You can collect them yourself or have it delivered. In case of delivery, please tell us your address, and you will get our quotation.


We have two designs each for boys and girls, a tank top and a T-shirt.

Our first designs have been kept quite simple and basic to not seem overloaded. For girls, there will be shirts in XS, S and M, although other sizes can be obtained from our supplier on demand. For boys, the standard sizes will be M, L and XL, but other sizes are also available on demand.


In the beginning we will offer the shirts in only one color.

Although we try to broaden the range of colors, we are constricted by the few colors of our organic line supplier.

To us, sustainability, ecology and equal rights is not just a slogan, so boys can have girl’s shirts and girls can wear boys‘ shirts. 😀 No, seriously, we do not have a PinkTax, everything costs exactly the same. We have equality not only of the sexes, but also of shirts!

Each shirt, each design, each color will reach you for 34,90€ (fee for shipping not included)

Please be aware, that our shirts should be washed at 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) without fabric conditioner. Using a dryer doesn’t only harm our environment, but especially organic cotton fibers, which will thin particularly in the printed areas. This will eventually lead to the detachment of the print. Of course your shirts will bring you loads of joy for many wash cycles even if you use a conditioner, but without it, it will be loads more! You can significantly heighten the longevity of your shirt by proper and considerate handling of our textiles. This is not only true for our shirts, but for every printed shirt!

Our supplier is a renowned European company which produces in the Far East. Unfortunately, we had to take a pass on European production, as it is quite impossible and almost unaffordable to find organic quality in small patches in Europe. If you have any advice on who to contact, or maybe are a supplier of organic cotton shirts from European production yourself, please contact us!

However, our supplier is part of big and reliable organizations that make sure human rights and fair working conditions for cotton farmers, seamsters and warehouse workers as well as environmental protection measures and ecological standards are observed, routinely evaluated and expanded.


So wirst Du zum Lynxboarder