Product Information

All surfaces of our boards are made from natural resources that underly natural variations in color, shape, grain, texture and surface quality. We always endeavor to fulfill our high standards of quality at the same level. There will be differences, however, due to the nature of the material.

The pictures on our homepage are sample images. Natural surfaces will vary, due to the fact that no tree will grow the same way as the next one, and every layer in the tree will look differently. Therefore, your board will be a uniquely individual piece, made only for you! We assure you, however, that you will like your board, owing to our high standards in production.

The wood stains, applied by hand, underly those same criteria. The lines will not be straight as a die and completely clear-cut. Natural flows will be visible, however minimal. It is those details that make our boards specimens of the highest handmade quality, made exclusively from natural resources!

Standartmäßig sind unsere Boards mit Holzöl versiegelt. Nur wenn
Beizungen zur individualisierung gewünscht werden müssen wir auf Lack
zurückgreiffen. Für beides gilt, dass die Oberflächen nicht 100% stoß-
und kratzfest sind, bei unsachgemäßer Handhabung oder Verwendung auf
groben Untergründen können Schäden in Form von Kratzern auf der
Oberfläche enstehen.

The standart of our Boards is oiled, but if you wanna have a individual Woodstain we have to varnish the Board. Both of our surfaces are not 100% shock- or scratch-resistant. Inappropriate or careless handling and storage or usage on rough surfaces can therefore lead to damages, especially scratches, on the surfaces.

Our cork coatings will show natural signs of wear and tear, depending on where you choose to use our boards. This means that the rougher the ground is, especially when you train on pavement, concrete or stone floors, the faster signs of wear will show on the cork coatings, sometimes even damaging it. When you use it on a very soft ground, e.g. on a carpet, yoga mat or roll mat, signs of wear are very unlikely. Be sure not to handle your board carelessly, so as not to chip off parts of the cork surface or to damage the board itself. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent that from happening, and it is your responsibility in handling your board. Those types of damages DO NOT constitute a warranty claim and are not subject to the right to return unsatisfactory products! This has no impact on your cancellation right, however, whereby you can exclusively claim damages from transport or faulty workmanship, not damages that arose from inappropriate usage or careless handling on your part.

Cork rolls are subject to the same principles. The cork surface is made from pressed cork granules, will show the same natural signs of wear and tear, and has to be changed periodically.

We hope that you will appreciate and treasure your handmade natural product and that you are as highly pleased with it as we are!

Measurements (pertaining to all our boards):

Height: 88,0 cm (~34,6 in)
Width: 39,5 cm (~15,4 in)

The weight will differ:

Soft Lynx 14mm: 2550g (~90 oz)
Soft Lynx 17mm: 3150g (~111 oz)
Flip Lynx 14mm: 2600g (~92 oz)