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Our Balance Boards are handmade in Austria and have a real wood veneer.

You can choose between a tulip heartwood or a walnut veneer. Our “SoftLynx” has cork on one side. Our wood comes from regional suppliers, where we pay attention to ecological and economical production. We use European timbers from regional logging and production. Moreover, each and every board leaving our workshop is a unique handmade eyecatcher due to its real wood veneer.
For more information, check out our Product Information.


Our boards are designed for barefoot use, so all edges are chamfered for a smooth look.

Also included with your board is a cork roll.
We tried to design a slim board, so it is important to keep in mind your own weight.


We can offer you to individualize your board even further by applying lazed wood stain, achieving your personal preference regarding colors and design.

We also offer a simple but ingenious board-holder for displaying your board, standing on the ground or hanging on the wall.
If you are a beginner, you might want to ask someone to support you, or hold on to a piece of furniture when doing your first tries on the board, until you have found your balance. Be careful and make sure that you have enough space for a safe use!

That's the way to become a LynxBoarder